Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ultimate FAILS, Odd Facts, And interesting pictures

If you every talk to me Italkat100mphandI'musuallyincomprehensible. The reason? I have a whole bunch of random and totally useless facts on every subject under the sun, not to mention I also have pictures of beautiful landscapes, funny photoshopped pictures, and everyday people failing at life stuck in my brain somewhere. For your public viewing, these are the websites that cause me to feed you incomprehensible jumble for the best or worst of a subject i.e. 10 of the Dumbest Gadgets Ever Made (lately it has been a little risque but its usually a really good g rated site for fun facts) site that puts every random fact, picture, or embarrasing moment into a wonderful list. If you ever have had a bad day look this up to see people that fail even more than you do. (My suggestion would be to click on the G-rated tab on the right of the website. Enough said)


  1. THanks for sharing Bry ... You know you've saved me with these websites when I've needed interesting facts, many times!