Sunday, June 27, 2010

Canned Air Is Fun!!

So my older sister is gone and she took my parents car with her. My dad decided to try and fix up her semi-broken car while it was in our garage. My dad was at work and I had nothing to do. I had recently seen on youtube a guy fix up a dent in his car with canned air. So I went to Kmart and bought myself a can of air. Unfortunately it didn't fix the dent. I, feeling some what disappointed that this cheap trick didn't work, decided to try out on different things in the house. You see, if you turn the can upside down it is super cooled gas. So I took it and sprayed this super cooled gas into a glass full of water. It not only fogged like something from a witch's caldron, but it sounded like it was bubbling. Not wanting to die from drinking this, I asked my mom to take a sip and tell me how it was. Her face was PRICELESS. It was ten times worse than this:
This was enough for me to laugh so hard I almost fell over. Thank you mom for being my guinea pig!