Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Band Not The Movie

Here is a quick post of one of my favorite bands. Probably no one else will them. Why? Because they are a screamo band. They are The Devil Wears Prada. Worst name to name a band due to the fact it is now a chick-flick. But thats alright. The screamer has a good vocal range (considering the fact he is just singing) and the clean vocalist has a very good melodic singing voice. In fact that is one of the main reasons I listen to this band, on their new album, they give him a solo song to show off his vocals.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ultimate FAILS, Odd Facts, And interesting pictures

If you every talk to me Italkat100mphandI'musuallyincomprehensible. The reason? I have a whole bunch of random and totally useless facts on every subject under the sun, not to mention I also have pictures of beautiful landscapes, funny photoshopped pictures, and everyday people failing at life stuck in my brain somewhere. For your public viewing, these are the websites that cause me to feed you incomprehensible jumble for the best or worst of a subject i.e. 10 of the Dumbest Gadgets Ever Made (lately it has been a little risque but its usually a really good g rated site for fun facts) site that puts every random fact, picture, or embarrasing moment into a wonderful list. If you ever have had a bad day look this up to see people that fail even more than you do. (My suggestion would be to click on the G-rated tab on the right of the website. Enough said)

Lets Here It For DIYing and hobbies!

What would life be with out Do-It-Yourself projects and those odd hobbies you love? I for one would die. I really enjoy buiding anything and everything from scratch; on occasion I like following a plan. But most of the time, (and to the dismay of my parents) I go in my own direction and figure things out. The thing is, 6 outa 10 times I completly destroy the materials I need. Guess who usually foots the bill for theses mistakes? My parents. But they still support my haphazard approach for building things. Later on this week I will be posting a few of my projects, such as a zip gun, steampunked ipod, and a wired bomb detonator. If you have freetime go to these websites for ideas on DIYing and Expanding Those Hobbies for those homebrewe movie makers that need cheap efficient props for relativley cheap weekend projects, more expensive weekend projects and good source for learning about electronic components. and everything you want to do-whether you want to make a lightsaber or making easter baskets instructables but it comes with videos.